Enjoy Hayati® Enjoy Life

Following our successful debuts in Colombia and Birmingham, we are thrilled to be attending the 2024 World Vape Expo, this time in the beautiful Southern European city of Madrid, Spain. The event kicked off under sunny skies, and we made a significant splash with our Hayati® product line, drawing the attention of many consumers.
At this event, our distinctive booth design, diverse product range, and engaging interactive activities drew in a large crowd, captivating attendees not only with the allure of our products but also immersing us in the unique charm of the Spanish market.
At the expo, Hayati®'s legal-big-puff products stood out as a highlight, offering a comfortable and delicate draw that allows users to enjoy large puffs without compromising on taste. Moreover, our presence in Spain has deeply impressed us with the local consumers' emphasis on health and their pursuit of quality of life. This aligns perfectly with our product philosophy, not only meeting their expectations for a healthy lifestyle but also reflecting our commitment to delivering high-quality living. Our products aim to be the ideal choice for those seeking a healthy and pure way of life, and the positive reception at the Spanish expo reaffirms this concept.
It is worth mentioning that many consumers at the expo developed a particular affection for the lotus logo of our Hayati® brand for it has a unique charm, symbolizing purity and beauty. Through interactions with numerous consumers, we have felt the recognition and appreciation for the Hayati® brand in the Spanish market.
On this passionate land of Spain, Hayati® has shared a delightful moment with consumers. Finally, we look forward to meeting again at the Dubai Expo from June 12th to 14th, and we can't wait to see you all!