Enjoy Hayati® Enjoy Life

Medellin, Colombia's second largest city, a vibrant city where e-vape enthusiasts and industry experts get together from 18 to 19 May for the 2024 Global Vaper Expo. Our Hayati® was the highlight of the show with its distinctive style, bringing welcoming atmosphere and attracting the attention of countless visitors.
At the show, we handpicked several of Hayati®'s star products to showcase, including the Hayati® Pro Ultra, Hayati® Duo Mesh and Hayati® Pro Max series, which are renowned for their superior vaping clouds and the satisfaction they provide. Not only do they offer extra-large puffs, but they also deliver an unrivalled vaping experience, leaving the audience who tried them on site raving about the satisfaction they had never felt before after trying Hayati® products.
To meet the needs of different consumers, Hayati® products have a wide range of flavour to choose from. From classic tobacco flavour, refreshing fruity flavour, to unique blends, each flavour has gone through several rounds of careful blending to ensure that consumers experience the best taste and texture when using them. Numerous visitors who tried our e-vape raved about the taste and flavour. They all said that Hayati®'s products rescues them from their busy lives, as if granting them a stolen half-day of leisure from the bustling world.
At the exhibition, our models were enthusiastic and cheerful, interacting frequently with visitors, and we all experienced the joy brought by Hayati® e-vapes in a joyful Latin dance.
In this exhibition, Hayati® won the recognition and love of many customers with its outstanding product quality and unique brand charm. And Hayati® will continue to maintain its unique brand characteristics to meet the needs of global consumers. Whether it is a large puffs, a large milligram product, or a wide selection of flavour choices, Hayati® will be committed to providing consumers with the best products and services. Let us all look forward to more surprises and innovations from Hayati® in the future.
Last but not least, on 1-2 June we will be BOTH in Madrid, Spain for VAPEXPO SPAIN 2024 and in Stuttgart, Germany for THE HALL OF VAPE 2024. Look forward to seeing you guys all again!