Enjoy Hayati® Enjoy Life

The 2024 Vaper Expo UK exhibition has come to a successful conclusion in Birmingham, as one of the exhibitors, we were full of enthusiasm and original intention, together with vape enthusiasts from all over the world to spend this wonderful feast.
At the Vaper Expo, we hoped to showcase our innovative achievements in the vape industry to consumers worldwide, as well as our unwavering commitment to quality and user experience. At the exhibition site, we attracted a large number of visitors to our booth, who were captivated by the unique appeal of the new Hayati® Twist and stopped by with a look of curiosity and anticipation in their eyes. When the visitors got their hands on the Hayati® Twist, they all had a look of surprise on their faces, as if to say, ‘This is the product I've been looking for!’ The whole booth was filled with admiration and pleasant atmosphere, and every visitor felt like they had participated in a feast and did not want to leave.
Hayati® Twist is the star of the show, a Legal Big Puff product that is 100% compliant with the new UK regulations. 5000+ puffs will satisfy your daily needs. The 3-layer leak-proof technology ensures a clean and leak-free process. The Hayati® Twist's advanced oil intake system effectively removes the burnt flavour, providing users with a pure and delicate smoking experience. Every time you use it, it's an incredible pleasure.
At the exhibition, our team engaged the audience with a series of thoughtfully designed interactive games, including the wildly popular dart-throwing contest, fostering a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. These activities not only enhanced participant interaction with us but also allowed us to share memorable moments with everyone involved.
We are very honored to be with vape enthusiasts to witness the dazzling debut of Hayati® Twist and other products. Choosing Hayati® means that you are not only choosing a quality life, but also a sublimation of your attitude towards life. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported Hayati®!
Our journey never stops and the excitement never ends. We look forward to meeting you again at the next stop in Colombia on 18-19 May!