Date: 30-January-2024

PAX respect and welcome the disposable vape ban in France and UK. Actually, PAX is the 1st vape manufacturer clearly and loudly called for “There Is No Planet B, Save Our Planet Now”, because we really worry about the battery pollution of disposable vapes.

The biggest reason why disposables widely welcomed by vape users is that disposable is the most convenient type of vape to use. No need to fill the liquid or change coil, no any other additional operations.

Therefore, the only right product can replace disposables is a right closed pod system, because only closed pod system can be used as easy as disposable.

Unfortunately, the majority of vape users keep saying No to closed pod system, because all current solutions are not good enough.

Therefore, only when there is such a closed pod system which can be used as easy as a disposable, No Burning Taste, No Oil-Storage-Cotton, No Leaking Problem, No Waiting Time, Big Puff but TPD Compliant. Then disposable vapes can really be banned in EU & UK.

In the past 2 years, PAX heavily invested in R&D for such technologies. NOW we are going to reveal the RIGHT product to welcome government’s disposable ban.

PAX Innovations (Shenzhen) Limited